Streletz-PRO Virtual classroom

Argus Spectrum International is very pleased to present its new and unique service for the fire detection world – online practical training!

Web Camera + IP connected kit of actual devices is a leading edge virtual classroom for the programming of “Streletz-PRO” wireless fire detection system!

The online practical training is simple and easy to use!
All you need to become a student is a desktop or laptop computer and internet access.

Learning stages

Learninng the theory
Admission test
Signing up for a practical lesson
Programming lesson
Final Test
Certificate of completion!

Please, learn the theory of Streletz-PRO for successful completion of the training. In the present section you will find all the reference materials you need: presentations, technical documentation, and videos.

After learning the theory you will need to pass a simple admission test before starting the practical lesson.


The video tour of the online learning center:


The "Streletz-PRO" starting kit

Translators / Еxpanders

Fire Detectors

Alarm Devices

Input /Output Modules




Please, Sign in or Create a new account to start practising.
Watch the training video before starting the practical lesson!
Only registered users can enroll in the practice.

Please, sign in or create a new account to take the Final Test and receive the Certificate of completion.

Who will benefit from practical training with Streletz-PRO?

Specialists and engineers who regularly work with wireless fire detection and security systems and who want to be introduced to Streletz-PRO and develop practical experience working with an actual system.


What are the benefits of online practical training?

  • Learning the Streletz-PRO wireless system: theory and practice.
  • Gaining practical experience through working with a remote equipment kit of actual devices in a Virtual Classroom.
  • Verifying your knowledge of the Streletz-PRO wireless system and receiving a Certificate of Completion.


What devices does the remote equipment kit contain?

The remote equipment kit is based on the Streletz-PRO Start Kit and contains the following devices:

  • translator module
  • expander module
  • call point
  • input module
  • optical smoke detector
  • smoke detector with a built-in speaker
  • beam detector
  • output module
  • programmable Exit sign


What is the Streletz-Master Software used for?

Streletz-Master is the specific software which is used for setting up, monitoring and analyzing the wireless network of Streletz-PRO. During the practical lesson you will learn how to work with Streletz-Master Software and use it to test the system, check connection strength, read measurements from devices, and change their settings.


Technical requirements for your PC and Software

To start the online practical lesson you will need a desktop or a laptop computer (operational systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux), and Internet access. After signing up for the practical lesson you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to connect your computer to our remote desktop server.

For the best experience with a remote equipment kit and software the following system requirements should be fulfilled:

  • screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher;
  • data transfer rate of 256 Kbytes or higher;
  • processor of 2Ghz or more.


We recommend you do not use a mobile phone or tablet as this can make your work in the virtual classroom uncomfortable and more demanding.